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Power of Attorney & Living Will

A sudden or age-related illness or an accident can not only lead to significant changes in the general personal lifestyle. Illness and accident can also mean that you can no longer regulate your personal affairs (legally) yourself and are dependent on the cooperation of others.

In such situations, neither the closest relative nor the spouse or partner can automatically act and decide for the affected person. Therefore, it's advisable to make provisions for these cases. This helps avoid situations where strangers are solely responsible for your wellbeing.

As notaries, we prepare individualized powers of attorney and other arrangements for these emergencies. This ensures that the given powers of attorney and additional arrangements will be effective in case of need. Various powers and orders are available:

  • general power of attorney,
  • power of attorney,
  • care directive and
  • living will.

The pension certificates are Central pension register at the Federal Chamber of Notaries in Berlin, ensuring they can be found and followed when needed. The Central Precautionary Register is queried more than 20,000 times per month by guardianship courts across Germany. More than 1.1 million precautionary documents are already registered.

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Regardless of whether you currently only want notarial advice or are aiming for a notarization: We offer you the opportunity to enter all the necessary information directly into a tailor-made online form and then send it securely to us in encrypted form. In this way we can suggest a suitable appointment to you efficiently and quickly.

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I am at your disposal together with my competent team to offer you comprehensive notarial advice in the area of pensions. With our expertise, we want to ensure that all matters are handled according to your ideas and are legally secured. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always there for you and will be happy to assist you.

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