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Marriage, partnership & family

Forming a life partnership, whether marital or non-marital, is likely one of the most important decisions in your life. Primarily, the law offers marriage as the basis for a shared life journey. Registered civil partnerships are also available to same-sex couples. Additionally, so-called non-marital cohabitation relationships are increasingly common.

Living together raises numerous questions that should be considered, such as:

  • What happens to the sole property, what to the mutual property?
  • Should assets (e.g. real estate) be acquired jointly or individually and what are the tax consequences?
  • Am I liable for my partner's debts?
  • Am I insured in old age?
  • Am I entitled to sickness and disability payments or should I expect claims from my partner?
  • What rights and obligations do I have regarding children?
  • What happens in case of separation?
  • What rights do I have in the event of death?
  • What applies in the case of an "international marriage"?

The answers to these questions vary significantly, depending on whether partners are married, in a civil partnership, or cohabiting without a formal commitment. However, the law allows for individual agreements, letting you choose the regulations that suit you best.

The Prerequisite for this is having a precise understanding of the law. We notaries can serve as impartial advisors to provide this knowledge and offer a balanced and sensible contract. We help tailor a "legal outfit" suitable for your specific life situation.

But we are also the right people to talk to about the relationship between parents and children, including questions about adoption: we're happy to help.

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Regardless of whether you currently only want notarial advice or are aiming for a notarization: We offer you the opportunity to enter all the necessary information directly into a tailor-made online form and then send it securely to us in encrypted form. In this way we can suggest a suitable appointment to you efficiently and quickly.

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I am at your disposal together with my competent team to offer you comprehensive notarial advice in the area of marriage, partnership and family. With our expertise, we want to ensure that all matters are handled according to your ideas and are legally secured. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always there for you and will be happy to assist you.

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